Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vampire vs. Werewolf

Here are some first concepts for a vampire vs. werewolf based story. The main purpose was to explore different ideas and come up with interesting designs which fit into this context.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spaceminer Character Concept

This is a character concept I did to sculpt it in Zbrush. The story is about a mining corporation which explores the Kuiper Belt for raw materials in the not too far future - round about 2120. Their mining units are usually comprised of one or two persons, which will heavily rely on the assistance of automated machinery. However the actual digging is still left to human power. Although working in zero gravity, it is a very exhaustive job due to the extreme environment and makes one grew old very soon. Hence my character looks much older than he actually is. The images on the left show some of the look and "feel" I will be going for with the sculpt - huge machinery in contrast to small humans, "dirty" and hazardous environments, which will result in great wear and tear for man and machine, built body but not superhero like musculature, protective clothing/suit.