Friday, May 23, 2014

spaceship concepts

These are some spaceship concepts I have been working on. Eventually I will take some of them into 3D. Not based on a particular story, they are the result of filling in some interesting silhouettes. At different scales and purpose, they are meant for armed missions, interstellar travel or personal transport. All done 2D in Photoshop.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Service Robot - final Concept

This is the final Concept (and Model) for my Service Robot Design. In comparison to the grey-shaded Version I posted earlier I have added some minor details here and there. Modeling was done in Maya, Rendering in Mental Ray, using GI and FG and some post-work in Photoshop and After Effects.

Animation and Turntable for my Service Robot concept to better illustrate the overall design and the working of its arm folding mechanism. Modeled in Maya, textured in Mari, rendered in Mental Ray and compositing done in After Effects.

Monday, March 24, 2014

futuristic water power station

This was a concept I did last year for a project I have been working on. It was part of a commercial campaign for Mercedes Benz Nutzfahrzeuge and their Unimog. It is a combination of two seperate concepts you can see below. Sketched 2D in Photoshop.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Narnia like Deer Soldier concept

Doing another character with Fur for a commercial project at the beginning of the year led to this piece. It started as a ZBrush sketch and evolved into this Narnia like character. I used Mari for texturing and Shave and a Haircut for Fur. The castle and the character are actual geometry, sky and fire effects are handpainted / photo-bashed.

These are some concepts I did to explore possible versions for the buckles on the belts - went with the one in the center.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thowas Pygmy Cow

This creature lives hidden in the deep forests of a distant planet named Thowas. Since she is a herbivore her only means to defend herself against attacking predators is to inflate her back body, hence exposing poisonous spots and making her appear bigger. She also splays her nostrils and ears thus showing off the brightly colored insides - pretending to be the scary mouth opening of a very dangerous animal...

Robot Concepts

Back again with some work I did throughout the year so far. This one is the first of a series of robots and other concepts I developed for an add agency. It was briefed to be a service robot in a "near future" maintenance setting.

This was the one the client chose. I started it as a rough model in Maya and sketched on top.

Above is the finished model with no textures yet.