Saturday, September 20, 2014

perfume flacon / iray testing

Here is something that might please my commercial clients a bit more! I was testing Iray for Maya recently and had to come up with a project not too labour intense, so I could get into testing quite soon. I decided upon doing a perfume bottle and after sketching some rough silhouettes I went into modeling. The bottle was done in Maya, while for the background I did some detailing in Zbrush. Especially setting lights in real time and tweaking material attributes was a great pleasure. Iray itself is fairly easy to learn and a lot is self explanatory. To use Iray at full speed your entire scene has to fit into your graphics memory, which is not possible with geometry heavy scenes or when you have very large textures. All in all, using it was a good experience though I am lacking a bit the possibility to fake certain things. But that is inherent in the tool -  it "only" gives you real world behaviour ;) Obviously I put some post work into the final image in Photoshop.

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